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Eppic Films is a commercial and film production company launched in 2005 by Jason Epperson.


Jason, better known as “Epp”, has been working in the world of film and video for more than a decade now. You’ll hear him credit a lot of his success to his extremely outgoing personality and ability to surround himself around some rock star professionals in the industry. He’s developed a unique style over the years that continues to evolve on every project. With a well rounded skill set in all areas of production, he’s able to attack projects from every angle. Epp loves to be in the director’s chair, but also confesses his best strengths come in the edit booth where he rarely hands off these duties. After graduating from EKU in 99′, he worked for a local NBC news affiliate, Cable company, and lastly in the media ministry before venturing off on his own in 2005 to form Eppic Films.


In an exhaustive worldwide search of more than 12,000 applicants, Steven Spielberg hand-picked 50 Filmmakers to participate in a competition to find the newest, freshest, and most talented director in the world. “On The Lot” was a joint venture created by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg that would award one person a $1 million dollar contract with Dreamworks Studios. After 14 weeks, 7 Short films, and lots of sleepless nights, Epp finished 1st Runner-Up in this competition and subsequently received a contract with Dreamworks Studios.

Epp has received an Emmy Award, numerous Gold Addys, Director of the Year, Distinguished Alumni, and even the key to the City of Winchester KY.
In 2010 Epp produced and directed his first feature film “Unrequited” that stars Michael Welch known from the Twilight Saga.  The film received a worldwide distribution deal through Arc Light Entertainment and a domestic deal with Lionsgate Films.  Unrequited has been screened in many festivals across the world including Cannes and AFM.  In fall of 2012 Epp released his second film, a documentary titled “Envisioning Home” about two wildly different individuals who come together in St. Louis in the tumultuous 1960s and bravely transform the world of public housing.

Eppic Films has many other projects currently in the works with the most prominent being a powerful documentary called IMPACT:  After The Crash.  The film tells the story of the worst drunk driving accident in US History that killed 27 people in Carollton, Ky in 1988. Visit for more info.  Epp is also directing/producing a documentary on the Kentucky Basketball fan base called “The Sixth Man” and he’s Executive Producer for a new reality television series coming soon to DIY called “Logheads”.

“I am a Christian guy who feels blessed to have a career doing something I enjoy so much!  For that reason, it’s extremely important to put my faith above my career and boldly tackle projects that inspire and grow me as a filmmaker!   I am married to my beautiful wife Cindi and we have 2 sons, Isaiah and Noah and a daughter Hartlee.”

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